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It's not just about the numbers,

we know what your business needs. 


Who we are and what is our focus

Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC focuses on small business. The nature of a small business requires an owner to fully participate in all aspects of the business at all times. For this reason, we strive to support the small business owner in a multi-faceted approach (including the use of technology, systems efficiency, organizational operations, and informative reporting) for the purpose of bringing more time to the owner in a day. Accounting is not only a fundamental piece of the business, but it also drives processes - how are payments collected from customers? how are bills paid? how are employees paid? These elements (and more) effect how an owner sets up the foundations of the business, no matter if the business is a single home-based business, a brick and mortar retail store/restaurant or client-service based.  A partnership with Stonybrook will provide a small business owner with unwavering support and expertise to grow as well as give the owner the confidence that the business is operating efficiently.   

What we bring to the table

Stonybrook takes the time to understand the business from the ground up. We focus on the current needs of the owner and the business. Consulting with us will ultimately gives the owner more time to devote to the revenue-driving activities. By optimizing current technology advancements, we will propose adjustments to the business operations and accounting tasks to become more efficient and effective; thereby, also enhancing managerial decision-making. We have a wide-range of experience and expertise when it comes to small business, the accounting aspect in a small business is far-reaching into the other layers of business and so a comprehensive approach is provided.

Member of the AICPA

Member of the Illinois CPA Society

Member of Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program



Small businesses are built on the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owner. The next steps of actually getting the business up and running can be overwhelming. Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC provides advisory services for development of the business plan, including entity structure, state licensing/registration, and funding needs.   


A small business that begins building gradually or realizes the potential for immediate growth may need guidance on "where is this business going and how do I get there?" Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC provides advisory services on strategies for future growth as well as efficacy in operations.


A small business normally starts off "small" - sometimes very small, for instance, one or two individuals, and then the hope is that the business grows. With expansion, there are growing pains that can occur - systems and processes may never have been developed to support the growth. Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC is able to learn your business and advise on the changes needed for systems and processes so you have confidence that your business can handle its volume of activity and provide you with data and reporting to assist in decision-making.  


As a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, Stonybrook will evaluate the needs of your business, recommend the level of Quickbooks software that should be used, perform comprehensive set-up of the online software, necessary training on software functions, and provide monthly reporting based on the business needs. Existing customers may find they need services for individual or multi-level troubleshooting, cleaning up the books, or integrating third party applications. All of these services can be provided by Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC.

*Intuit, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks ProAdvisor are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. Used with permission under the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Agreement.

industry needs

Restaurant and bar businesses have a complexity that Stonybrook understands. Is the business looking for the integration of a new point-of-sale system? Not only is there the impact on the restaurant staff for learning a new system, but also back of the house management has to adjust to multi-level reporting. Stonybrook can alleviate the aches and pains that come along with implementing a new POS system. Does your business have an inventory control issue? Costs of goods sold analysis and inventory valuations allow for better decision making. An external service provider for monthly reporting allows restaurants to increase sales by focusing on their menu and customers rather than the data collection and report preparation. The integration of POS and accounting systems is a game changer for bars and restaurants. Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC brings unique expertise to the blending of these two areas by  having both accounting expertise as well as many years of restaurant experience.

reviews, & Compilations

When businesses face the possibility of dissolution, separation of owners or potential sale, the valuation of the business is necessary. Stonybrook has expertise in these sometimes complicated valuations.  Does your business need to obtain a credit line to expand? Financial institutions require an up-to-date review or compilation in order to obtain financing. Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC provides these services. 


Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC provides individuals and businesses both short-term and long-term financial planning, including but not limited to monthly budgeting, retirement planning, college-tuition planning, and  asset accumulation.

The Services described above are a snapshot of what we do. When Stonybrook Accounting & Consulting, LLC becomes a partner with your small business, we will customize our services to your needs. Please contact us via email to discuss how we may be of service to your company or to you personally. Our expertise is driven by over 12 years of public accounting experience and we are committed to providing the best service possible so you can succeed in your business.

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